Photo of the Week
June 15, 2008 

I am so excited about this photo that I recently purchased in a bulk deal.  This is the only photo out of a whole group of photos that made my day.  I recently spotted this photo on ebay within a group of other photos  What caught my eye with this photo was my long time hope to get a photo of the old Corozal Movie Theater.  Well, this could get better, but I am very pleased with this photo.  I posted an aerial for  photo of the week back on March 27, 2005 that showed the old theater, but at a distance.  The photo of the week this week is a snap shot of two soldiers behind the last barrack on the Corozal barracks row.  I don't have and exact date the photo was taken.  Behind them is the Corozal Movie Theater.  This was a common site for me as a kid growing up in Los Rios.  My folk's house was just down the hill from the old disserted theater and was a familiar site.  We, as kids, would sneak under the fence and explore the old building.  It was full of surprises and neat stuff.  By the looks of it in this photo and from what I remember seeing on my explore missions, this was a very grand old movie theater.  I can't believe the built a theater of this magnitude for a small bas such as Corozal.  But, the military base of Corozal was much larger than what I knew as a kid growing up in Los Rios.  The original base of Corozal encompassed the CZ Government town of Los Rios and the later Corozal housing area.  So, maybe it was worth building a grand movie theater for the residents of early Corozal.

You all may think I am nuts over this stuff, but this was special.  I only wish I had taken photos of the theater before they tore it down to make a motor pool area.  

Below is a zoom in on the same photo, but only the theater.


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