Photo of the Week
January 1, 2006 

      Happy New Year everyone!! This week's photos are a real gem!  The photo above is the entire photo showing  early Balboa showing what was Balboa Road in it's early days.  The photo post card does not have a date the photo was taken.  This is a very early photo as it shows the old electric trolley on tracks heading towards Panama City.  The building behind the trolley is the Balboa Restaurant in it's glory days, later becoming the Balboa Police Station.  The wooden two story house on the right along with garages became a thing of the past making way for the Panama Canal Pilots Association, Canal Zone Credit Union, etc.  There are some significant buildings up on the hill that are still there today.  This would be St. Mary's Church, Rectory, and newly constructed concrete housing.  The photo above is a little rough as it is old. I did a zoom in pictured below that will give you a better view close up.  You can see the Blessed Virgin Mary statue next to St. Mary's on the side of the hill (shown as a white statue).  Note the trolley stop structure, the fruit vendor pushing his cart, and the buildings on top of Sosa Hill.

What a great photo capturing the golden days of the Canal Zone.



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