Photo of the Week
March 27, 2005 

     I was very delighted today when I found this week's photo of the week.  I was looking through a box of old papers and found a booklet from 1958 titled Living and Working in the Canal Zone when I came across the photo. The photo is of the newly constructed Canal Zone town site of Los Rios.  I grew up in this town and was probably living there when this photo was taken.  If you look over towards the barracks, there is a lone Royal Palm standing next to the road.  I lived in the house right in front of the palm.  I remember watching them bulldoze this palm down later when additional housing was added to Los Rios on that side of the road.  The MOST exciting part of this photo is the old Corozal Theater can be seen.  This is one of the first photos I have come across showing the old theater (see yellow arrow).  I tried to make a blow-up of the theater, but this is a scan out of a old printed book and as you see the photo is not the best quality.  Now that I finally found a photo  that shows the theater, I am hoping that a CZ Images visitor will contact me with a better photo or information about the old theater.  We Los Rios hooligans use to climb under the Corozal fence and go play in the theater.  I am not sure when the theater closed down, but I don't remember it ever being open.  It was a great place to explore and fool around in.  I eventually watched it get torn down when the 470th MI Battalion needed the space to build a motor pool.  What a sad day indeed.
     Another notable thing in the photo is the clump of trees on the hill top (almost center of photo).  This hill top was another hangout for us kids.  The trees were spared when the jungle was removed for construction of Los Rios.  To the right of these trees, there are three two story military type houses shown.  These were part of Army Corozal before the area was turned over to the Panama Canal by the Army.  I have some early photos of this area showing what this area looked like prior to Los Rios's construction and will post them sometime in the future.
     I will be showing other great old photos from this 1958 booklet in the future.  There is some really great memories within the booklet.

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