Photo of the Week
May 11, 2003

I took this photo while on my recent trip to Panama.  I was fortunate to go out into Gatun Lake and go fishing.  On our way out to the lake, we passed one of my favorite places, Gorgona Island. This is where the old town of Gorgona once stood in it's glory.  Dredging Division has cleared the area to use it for storage. You can see buoys, pontoons, spud towers, etc.  If you pass by along the bank closer and slower, you can see the old sewage and water pipes sticking out of  the bank.  The island has been cut back considerably since the lake flooded to allow for channel widening. We used to find all kinds of bottles and relics on the island.

I looked through my old colorized post cards and found one (below) that was taken in somewhat of the same angle as this photo.  You can see the same hills in the background.  The upper area where you see the larger buildings is probably the area you see in my recent photo.  The lower is the area that has been dredged for channel widening.

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