Photo of the Week
January 7, 2001

Here is one grand photo taken during the peak of the golden days of the Canal Zone.  

In the immediate foreground, the Mount Hope Cemetery can be see and then the Industrial Laboratories / Commissary Wholesale Units.  Here was the main supply point for most of the Canal Zone Commissary needs.  Dairy products, meat, bottled products, spices and herbs, textiles and many other items needed by the Canal Zone residents.  Note the ramp behind the closest building.  This was the ramp that took cattle to their final demise. 

The Rainbow City commissary can be seen in front of the large baseball field to the right.

The large railroad rolling stock yard is full of many different types of cars ready to haul any needs of the Panama Railroad.  The Round House which can be seen in the distant right of the yard is in full business.

Cristobal Dry Dock and Mechanical Division Shops are across the tracks towards the old French Canal.

The power of the Panama Canal Company at this time was supreme!  What a proud time it must have been during our Canal Zone history.  May it never be forgotten.

Photo from the private photo album of John A McLeod

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