Gus Steigler's days in Panama.


bigcz59-200.JPG (11721 bytes) Not too much is known about Gus except he was in Panama from 1910 and through the Canal construction days.  He evidently was a photo bug and had a camera with him most everywhere he went.  We don't think that was his job, but he was certainly privileged to some areas that would probably have a restricted entry. This collection of photographs probably never became public.  Bob Edwards who is Gus's Great Nephew found the photos and contacted me about them.  He has sent me over 100 of them as scanned images.   I have displayed 75 of them in this presentation.  I have broken them down as you see them listed below.  This is like a family album and you will see many photos of people.  This is a wonderful collection and I hope all of you enjoy them as much as I have.

To your left, Gus is pictured on board ship going to Panama and then in 1948 at a Veterans Hospital.
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Page 2 - The Locks
Page 3 - The Men - Rest and Play
Page 4 - Men and Women.
Page 5 - The Women and Children
Page 6 - Panama City Action
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Gus's Ship the Panama Railroad Steamship "Colon" out of New York.

This photo collection is the property of Mr. Bob Edwards.   Reproduction in any form or manner without his permission is not authorized.  You can contact Mr. Edwards through the Web Publisher of CZ Images.  Thanks


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